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Unique Experiences in Alpha Nu Omega, Inc.

I am glad to be a member of Alpha Nu Omega, Inc. I’ve been able to have some great and unique experiences. I remember when I crossed on August 11, 2007 my line brother Stephen Jones and I crossed over during a big conference for the United Council for Christian Fraternities and Sororities. That was pretty epic! One year I was able to visit Disney World for the first time and see the national step team perform and minister before a nice-sized audience. That was awesome! Then another year I was able to attend a Founders’ Weekend Ball. That was special indeed. It’s nice seeing everyone all dressed up in their best lol. But more than the memorable social events, I’ve been able to meet some incredible members who are clearly on fire for the Lord and that keeps me inspired to keep pressing forward not just with ANQ, but with life in Christ in general.

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